Multi-Course Performance

Multi-Course Performance:
A Collaboration of Classical Music, Custom-Cuisine and Projective Visual Art

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Tenor Duo Gulley/Granner Present “A Romantic Affäre – The 24” Tenors, Master Chef and Visual Artists Collaborate to Dish Up Ultimate Evening Out with New Multi-Course Performance 
Monday, August 19th, 7:00pm   |   Affäre German Restaurant

Award-winning and internationally acclaimed artists in classical music, cuisine and visual art are teaming up to bring audiences a totally immersive feast with Gulley/Granner’s next Multi-Course Performance event.  Tenors Ben Gulley and Nathan Granner (who comprise the operatic duo Gulley/Granner) will present this unforgettable evening at Affäre German Restaurant on August 19th, with the theme of “A Romantic Affäre – The 24.”

Classical singers have a shared foundation of standard song repertoire, affectionately nicknamed ‘The 24.’  It is from this that Gulley/Granner draw inspiration for the event.  From the Baroque period classics all young singers learn to the most demanding modern masterpieces, Gulley/Granner will perform 24 uniquely-selected pieces from over four centuries of music, using the history of their craft to examine who they are as artists.  

Gulley/Granner have assembled a team of collaborators who, throughout the event, will also follow the theme of personal exploration.  Affäre Chef/Owner Martin Heuser will custom-create a rich, five- course dinner, taking the audience through his progression from apprentice to master chef.  Complementing the multiple courses will be wine pairings chosen by Affäre Sommelier/Co-Owner Katrin Heuser.

The audience will be further immersed in the experience by visual art, ever changing on the walls around them.  Projective artist D. Nate Bogert, multi-media artist Jose Faus and programming artist Matt Bell will use digital media and projection to tie this sensory journey together.

These three artistic forces – classical music, cuisine and visual art – come together on Monday, August 19th, at 7:00pm.  Those wishing to attend are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance, as seating is limited.

Tickets and information are available at

  • WHAT:  “A Romantic Affäre – The 24” 
  • WHEN:  Monday, August 19th, 7:00pm 
  • WHERE:  Affäre German Restaurant (1911 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64108) 
  • TICKETS: A regular reservation includes a custom five-course dinner, sommelier-chosen wine, world-class singing of operatic works, and art installation for one price:  $200.  
  • VIP seating ($250) and bar seating ($100) are also available.

For information on how to have a Gulley/Granner Multi-Course Performance where you are click here (http://gulleygranner/the-mcp) Thanks!