Multi-Course Performances

  • For Classical Music Lovers, being serenaded by two world-class operatic tenors is a delight
  • For Gourmands and Epicureans, a custom five course meal with wine pairing is a feast for the senses
  • For Contemporary Art Patrons, the immersion of Projective Art and New Media creates a heady installation experience

Combined, these experiences make up the sublime Multi-Course Performance installation. The artistic collaboration of Classical music, Cuisine and Projective Art (a multimedia 3D digital process).

  • A Romantic Affäre - The 24

    Tenor Duo Gulley/Granner Present “A Romantic Affäre – The 24” Tenors, Master Chef and Visual Artists Collaborate to Dish Up Ultimate Evening Out with New Multi-Course Performance Monday, August 19th, 7:00pm | Affäre German Restaurant Award-winning and internationally acclaimed artists in classical music, cuisine and visual art are teaming up to bring audiences a totally immersive feast with Gulley/Granner’s next Multi-Course Performance event. Tenors Ben Gulley and Nathan Granner (who comprise the operatic duo Gulley/Granner) will present this unforgettable evening at Affäre German Restaurant on August 19th, with the theme of “A Romantic Affäre – The 24.” Classical singers have a shared foundation of standard song repertoire, affectionately nicknamed ‘The 24.’ It is from this that Gulley/Granner draw inspiration for the event. From the Baroque period classics all young singers learn to the most demanding modern masterpieces, Gulley/Granner will perform 24 uniquely-selected pieces from over four centuries of music, using the history of their craft to examine who they are as artists.
  • Die Schöne Müllerin September 5, 2012, Cover Stories, Classical PREVIEW: Schubert and schnitzel By Tom Marks Wed, Sep 05, 2012 Is there any better way to immerse yourself in a culture than by experiencing its own authentic food and art? “A Romantic Affäre” offers just such an occasion in an all-Germanic event with the cuisine of Crossroads German restaurant, Affäre, and music of nineteenth-century composer, Franz Schubert. The night, subtitled “An Immersive Collaboration of Cuisine, Music, and Light,” brings together some of Kansas City’s locally based talent in a dinner/performance of food, song, and visual art. Tenor Nathan Granner and pianist Karen Engebretson present Schubert’s 1824 song-cycle, Die Schöne Müllerin (or in English, The Beautiful Miller-girl) accompanied by visual projections inspired by the music as well as a multi-course meal by Affäre’s owner and chef, Martin Heuser. Granner, acting as producer and singer, described the multifaceted evening as “[a] seduction of the imagination in the real world. Projections on the gallery walls surround you. The slow waving of the branches of a tree against a backdrop of blue sky that blooms into a crystalline orange ball of color as your ears tune to a world that existed one-hundred-eighty-five years ago. All the while, you are biting into a succulent creation that delicately envelops your tongue. Yeah, that’s my idea of a good time.” A Martin Heuser dish at AffäreThis pairing of food and song, Granner described, arose from two occurrences in both California and Georgia where, after a performance, chefs at near-by restaurants offered to “cook a meal inspired by the corresponding languages sung by the guys [that is, Granner and tenor-friend/Kansas City native, Ben Gulley]. Kind of an artist supper.” The idea was intriguing enough for Granner to start his own home-town “artist supper.” With German food and music on the mind, “A Romantic Affäre” was conceived. Schubert’s Die Schöne Müllerin is a traditional song-cycle—a collection of poems set to music that tell a cohesive story. Whereas opera and musical theater place emphasis on staging, props and visual cues, song-cycles rely more heavily on the poetry’s communication and interpretation. In the early nineteenth century, poet Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Müller gathered with a close circle of friends to enact, for entertainment’s sake, a poetic-play on the Schöne Müllerin story. This early text, which supplied the libretto for the night’s revelries, was written by Müller and would later serve as the basis for his published set of poetry from which Schubert would select the twenty poems comprising the cycle. In 1823, Schubert finished the set of songs and in 1824, the Miller-girl cycle was released in multiple volumes in Vienna over the course of six months. The cycle tells a tragic tale of love pursued but not returned. As the traveler-narrator journeys along a stream, he comes across a mill where the beautiful miller-girl resides and falls deeply in love with her. The girl’s affections, however, pass to a rival suitor, a hunter, who woos her attentions. Overcome with obsessive grief, the young traveler drowns himself in the same brook that led him to the beautiful miller-girl. In a century where the traditional art-song recital is on the decline, innovative alternatives bring Schubert’s music back to life in meaningful ways. Granner’s and Heuser’s collaborative event does just such a thing, taking Schubert’s music out of the stuffy recital hall and into a new, vital environment where not only musical sound, but taste and sight envelopes the attendee in a fully encompassing experience. Guten Appetit mit gute Musik! By Tom Marks Tom Marks Submitted by: Matt E. Matt E. See all of Matt E.'s events » What/Why: Chef Martin Heuser and Affäre German Restaurant host this Multi-Course Performance of composer Franz Schubert's song cycle "Die Schöne Müllerin [The Miller Maid]. The award winning chef collaborates with internationally acclaimed operatic tenor Nathan Granner and master pianist Karen Engebretson bringing the major work to life through performance and a bespoke menu inspired by this great work. A video art installation projected onto the gallery-like walls will add a beautiful immersive context to Die Schöne Müllerin, the tale of a young wanderer overwhelmed by love. With limited seating and as a one-night-only culinary, performance and visual art event, A Romantic Affäre - Die Schöne Müllerin is an event that classical music, art and food lovers will remember for a long time.
  • Schwannengesang (SwanSong) International Award winning Chef and Affäre German Restaurant host Gulley/Granner “Multi-Course Performance,” A Collaboration of Classical Music, Cuisine and Projective Art A Romantic Affäre - Schwanengesang (Swan Song) Celebrate the first full day of spring with an unforgettable evening of romance. Schwanengesang(Swan Song), Franz Schubert’s last song cycle is a rich tapestry of songs about love. Sung by operatic duo Gulley/Granner and played by pianist Karen Kushner, the songs range from passionate first-love desire to heart-sick longing. The work throws us into a world of spring flowers, rain storms, and gorgeous sunsets. The five senses are thrown into this rich collaborative experience. Affäre Restaurant owner and James Beard nominee Chef Martin Heuser’s modern German traditional cuisine paired with Sommelier Katrin Heuser’s wine is custom made to reflect Schubert’s Masterwork. New Media artists Nate Bogert, Matt Bell and David Berry offer Contemporary Projective Art that adds a modern immersive and interactive experience to the installation. Greater than the sum of its parts, this fully sensory experience warps your perception between the real and imagined past and present. Classical Music, Contemporary Art and Gourmet Food... this is a Spring evening for lovers. The Gulley/Granner Multi-Course Performance is a collaboration of Classical Music, Cuisine and Projective Visual Art. The rich event installation blends modern and/or historical classical music by Gulley/Granner, an inspired & elegant dinner created by a top chef, and ambience reinforced by renowned projective new media artists.